With wearables slated to be the next big thing, everyone wants to be ahead of the curve. So we’ve devised offers that combine the convenience of a wrist-worn wearable with the speed of contactless payment to give consumers a convenient way to pay for their morning coffee, newspaper, lunch – or even their daily commute by public transport.

Offer for​​​ banks
​​Gem​​alto’s field-proven Optelio We​arable MiniTag (and MicroTag) products have already been a big hit around the world. Join the banking innovation revolution by taking advantage of our Optelio banking operating system and complete range of contactless applications. Optelio Wearable MiniTags (and MicroTags) are fully certified and ready to be easily inserted in any plastic wristband for swift deployment. For consumers who would like to enjoy a real mobile payment experience on their existing handset Gemalto has developped innovative product ad-ons, designed specifically to complement existing mobile devices: Optelio Contactless Sticker ensure your customers their current handset is ready to make contactless payments within minutes.

Offer for wear​​​​​​able manufacturers
Whether you’re a fitness band maker or a manufacturer of high-end luxury watches, you can trust Gemalto to provide the building blocks and support you in your integration to make your devices ready for contactless payment. These come in the form of an embedded module, an active chip and an active board, and are key elements of our Optelio portfolio of payment and transport applications. They’re available in different module formats, in passive or active contactless mode, to meet your individual requirements.

Case study: Hellenic Bank

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