Mellon ePIN is targeted to financial institutions that wish to facilitate and accelerate PIN issuing procedures for card holders.

Mellon ePIN can easily adapt to the existing infrastructure and technologies of the organization, and ensures the security of the card holders’ information. Mellon provides the application along with extensive security features for the implementation of Mellon ePIN and can assist potential customers with the integration of the Mellon ePIN technology with existing infrastructures and workflows.

Business Case

Today, the majority of financial institutions and card issuers use PIN mailers to deliver by post or courier the PIN to the cardholder. Mellon ePIN is meant to use the advancements of today's technologies to provide a way to set card holder PINs in bank host systems electronically and in a secure fashion. Mellon ePIN can either complement or completely replace existing PIN issuing procedures.

Mellon ePIN addresses 3 key scenarios: 

1. Customer receives new card (either from branch or by postal mail) and needs to be informed for his PIN
2.  Customer has a card and wants to change the PIN with a new one 

  • Manually, where the customer selects the new PIN value
  • Automatically, where the ePIN server produces the new PIN value 

3. Customer has a card and forgot his PIN so he needs to be reminded 

Mellon ePIN makes use of the existing web-banking site or helpdesk services (phone banking) of the bank. The PIN is either calculated or updated based on the above 3 scenarios. In either case, all data are transferred using secure transmission techniques to the bank’s Host/CMS system.


  • Considerable cost savings from paper, printer equipment and maintenance as well as postal expenses.
  • Speed – card holder no longer has to wait for days for their PIN mailers to be delivered.
  • Ease of use / ease of access.
  • Easy adaptation to bank workflows.
  • Security-hardened to adapt to PCI security requirements while maintaining its business orientation.


Mellon has extensive knowhow of the entire transaction lifecycle in both issuing and acquiring

Mellon offers proven certified solutions for optimized and secure transactions across all industries and functional areas

Mellon has achieved many country firsts across the Central & South-Eastern Europe

Mellon's software and technical experts ensure seamless deployment and integration with existing infrastructures and host systems