On December 30, 2015, BlueSphere was merged into Mellon Technologies 

BlueSphere was established in 2007 in Athens, Greece and provides end-to-end contact center services. BlueSphere offers complete telephony services, including customer service, helpdesk, sales and promotion, along with supportive functions including back-office operations and third party vendors’ management, which are necessary for a fully comprehensive service delivery. 

Furthermore, our company acts as a strategic partner to its clients aiming to achieve the optimum cost benefit relationship in servicing the end-customer with contact center services. Today, Blue Sphere employs more than 150 specially trained personnel. The services provided by BlueSphere are based on the directness of the human voice through advanced technology services. At the same time, through a set of policies that ensure respect and high quality interactions with the end-customer, BlueSphere’s services become excellent business growth tools of its clients. 

BlueSphere is certified under the international standard EN ISO 9001:2008.

Some of our clients: 

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You may contact BlueSphere at:

74A, Pireos str.
18547, Piraeus, Greece 
Tel.: +30 210 3362350
Fax: +30 210 3315659