Mellon's years of experience in self-service systems led to the development of cost-effective ATM add-ons that aim to increase both efficiency and simplicity.

Mellon’s Electronic Journal (EJ) is a client-server based application that is compatible with all vendors (Diebold, Wincor Nixdorf, NCR, etc), ATM applications (Agilis, Protopas, Aptra, etc) and ATM models. 

The development environment is the Microsoft Visual Studio. Using a widely used technological framework (.NET 2.0/3.0 framework) Mellon heaves the barriers against the competition, creating a 100% compatible and customizable solution, easy to integrate, develop and maintain, creating a technological gap from similar solutions of the market.
Among the advantages a bank can enjoy upon installation are:
  • costs & troubleshooting related to the use of journal printers and paper are eliminated
  • ATM availability is increased
  • disputes are resolved faster and much easier for both the bank and its customer

Mellon has extensive knowhow of the entire transaction lifecycle in both issuing and acquiring

Mellon offers proven certified solutions for optimized and secure transactions across all industries and functional areas

Mellon has achieved many country firsts across the Central & South-Eastern Europe

Mellon's software and technical experts ensure seamless deployment and integration with existing infrastructures and host systems