Advances in multimedia - from interactive billboards to dynamic content in e-mail messages - means consumers have become accustomed to personalized communication. The Self-Service network should not be an exception.

For the majority of people, the ATM is the most frequently used banking channel for accessing cash and is often the only regular contact between bank and customer.

Mellon cooperates with i-Design, the world-leading provider of ATM advertising and interface design solutions to the self-service industry, to offer the company's flagship ATM advertising solution, atmAd.

atmAd allows you to reach customers in a dynamic and targeted way and, more importantly, helps realise the revenue potential of your self-service channel through third party advertising and strategic internal marketing.

atmAd is unique. By combining best in class software, unrivalled media sales capability and design expertise, it delivers an end-to-end solution that allows you to take full control of your network.

ATM Campaign Office Manager Solution

  • Location-based options and screen messaging
  • BIN-based marketing capabilities
  • Detailed status reports on ATM usage
  • Segmented advertising based on customer demographics
  • Informational branding banners

Campaign Office enables ATMs to be personalized by the financial institution to support specific locales, unique backgrounds, a number of languages and informational and branded service messages.   Additionally, because the software’s graphical interface is separate from the ATM’s screen content, financial institutions can offer their customers the freedom to make choices in message delivery, including language, fast-cash amounts and receipt or no receipt transactions.

In addition to delivering targeted marketing to customers, Campaign Office offers financial institutions access to valuable information through reports that provide usage patterns, customer responses from campaigns, a list of non-customers using the ATMs, the status of message delivery and more, allowing financial institutions to calculate their return on investment at the ATM. Campaign Office also enables financial institutions to modify customer campaigns as-needed, which increases the campaigns’ effectiveness.


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