NEC Blade Servers

Enhance data center efficiency with the shared power, cooling, networking and management infrastructure of teh NEC blade servers.

Optimal resource allocation
NEC's Blade Server systems optimize server consolidation in conjunction with SigmaSystemCenter (SCC) platform management software. SSC is an all-in-one platform management solution designed for centralized management and policy-based autonomy. It monitors CPU usage rates and dynamically allocates server resources based on changing operational loads. The SSC's load-balancing ability allows system administrators to respond to abrupt changes in their business environment. When uneven server loads are detected, the SCC shuts down lightly loaded servers to gain power savings. It powers on standby servers when active servers are heavily loaded.

For every scale of server consolidation
Two blade enclosures are available to meet the scale requirements of server consolidation. Blade enclosure H is a 16 blade 10U chassis. Blade enclosure M is a 8 blade, 6U chassis. They provide easy setup and configuration connectivity through the management module. Redundant power supply modules and fans ensure that the servers maintain the expected availability. Selected configurations support continuous operation up to 40° C ambient temperature.

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Blade Servers Portfolio

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