Software Solution for Maximizing Operating Time of your Business

Our integrated EXPRESSCLUSTER solutions can minimize the damage organizations experience from system outages, whether they are planned or unplanned.

High availability and remote disaster recovery

Software solution for high availability and remote disaster recovery preventing data loss and protecting your IT system which finally leads to saving time and money.

  • Recovery from all types of failures (hardware, network, application)

  • Low cost software solution without storage disk

  • Verification experience with 200+ application

  • 1000+ km disaster recovery experience

  • Achieving zero data loss

Typical EXPRESSCLUSTER applications

  • DataBase -- Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB, IBM DB2, My SQL, Postgre SQL

  • Email Servers -- Microsoft Exchange, Sendmail

  • ERP -- SAP, Microsoft NAV

  • Virtualization Platforms -- VMware Server/ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM

  • Operating Systems -- Windows, Linux

  • Cloud Platforms -- Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Windows Azure

Typical EXPRESSCLUSTER applications


EXPRESSCLUSTER has long-run history and experience


No.1 market share product over 6 years in Asia Pacific region

50+ countries' experience of implementation

17,000+ customers world wide

30,000+ cluster systems in 20 years










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