MOSAIC Target Marketing Tool
MOSAIC Micromarketer is a unique "Target Marketing Tool" that segments the Greek population into types with similar consumer habits, according to geodemographic, financial, geographic and life style characteristics.The segmentation of Greek Consumers is defined per building block and has particular applications in the growth process and profitability of your company, covering the following issues:

  • The knowledge of the customer and his/her buying behavior gives the opportunity to the company to implement an effective communication strategy with the client, and improve the promotion and cross-selling activities of the company to existing customers.
  • The knowledge of the Greek consumer and his/her needs allows the company to select a successful targeting strategy, to identify where these target customers can be found and how to communicate with them (direct mail, telemarketing, sales promotion, media, door to door).
  • The analysis of population composition for each selected region, according to the different MOSAIC types that live within these regions, provides information to the company in order to improve its existing branch network, and identify appropriate locations for new branches.

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