An advanced, integrated cash deposit solution that enables both retailers and financial institutions to optimize and streamline their entire cash handling process.

Deposit Manager from Fiserv is a cost efficient, “one size fits all” solution that does not tie the organization to a specific cash control device manufacturer, armored carrier or cash processor. Through its agnostic approach, Deposit Manager gives the organization the freedom to choose devices and service vendors based on the needs of each retail location regardless of geographical footprint.

Some of the key benefits/advantages of Fiserv’s Deposit Manager solution are:

For the Retailer

  • Improved cash flow and availability
  • Simplified in-store cash operations
  • Reduced number of transportation services
  • Easier reconciliation at both the cashier and deposit level
  • Greater recycling of cash in the store

For the Bank

  • Assistance with marketing campaigns
  • Facilitation of long-term retailer/bank relationships
  • Option to provide provisional credit on cash deposits
  • Integration with the bank’s core deposit system
  • Banking relationships beyond geographic footprint
  • Sophisticated reporting and dashboards
  • Certified hardware offerings

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