With over 60 million cards sold and many successful EMV migration projects implemented, Mellon is the partner of choice for financial institutions in the region.

Mellon has been a leader in card-based transaction solutions for the financial market for many years, cooperating with both issuing and acquiring institutions. Now that banks are embarking on the migration from magnetic stripe cards to smart cards, Mellon continues to supply the solutions that fit for either central personalization or instant issuance environments. More and more applications can be housed on a smart card, like loyalty or secure authentication for web banking, making it an invaluable tool for financial institutions and their customers alike. 

Types of cards
Magnetic (credit/debit/cash)
EMV cards (SDA, DDA, CDA, Java)  
Contactless cards
Dual interface
Contactless stickers
Ezio display card
Eco card
Card readers & tokens 
Card Pesronalization Services
E-Services (PIN by SMS)
AllAboutMe (personal photo on card option) 
EMV Consulting & Training
Card Design (innovative materials & shapes)
Contactless Payment Solutions
Mobile NFC Solutions
EMV Authentication & E-banking Solutions
Instant Issuing
Centralized Issuing


Mellon has extensive knowhow of the entire transaction lifecycle in both issuing and acquiring

Mellon offers proven certified solutions for optimized and secure transactions across all industries and functional areas

Mellon has achieved many country firsts across the Central & South-Eastern Europe

Mellon's software and technical experts ensure seamless deployment and integration with existing infrastructures and host systems