The relationship between retailers and consumers has considerably evolved. Consumers demand smoother, better integrated shopping experiences, making it a tough challenge for retailers to maintain a profitable level of business and cultivate customer loyalty. 

Mobile Loyalty Programs

Traditional programs have driven loyalty by asking consumers to collect points or sign up for information on new product. But the effectiveness of these marketing tactics is diminishing. Why? Because the reward for loyalty takes too long to achieve. Today’s customer wants instant gratification and greater digital integration in their shopping experiences.

Linking your loyalty program to a mobile application, can bring back both sales and consumer enthusiasm to your business and your brand:

  • ditch plastic loyalty cards in favor of storing program information in a digital wallet
  • quickly enroll in a loyalty program
  • use a virtual card as a program identifier
  • opt-in for mobile offers and discounts available only on the application
  • browse the reward catalog and order rewards
  • share opinions about rewards
  • redeem points for e-vouchers
  • locate the nearest store, view site information and obtain directions
  • find exclusive deals available at the nearest shop or from a chosen participating partner
  • automatically post messages about store “check-ins” or redemptions made and receive bonus points
  • manage program account and check current points balance
  • view history of all transactions
  • fill in a survey in exchange for bonus points


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