The Simple Solution for Complex Networks

NEC Programmable Flow Networking Suite, the first commercially available Software-Defined Network solution to leverage the OpenFlow protocol, enables full network virtualization and allows enterprises, data centers and service providers to easily and cost-effectively deploy, control, monitor and manage secure multi-tenant networks.

At a Glance

  • Network-wide virtualization, featuring a high performance, resilient network fabric offering high availability and management of network flows up to 1 Terabyte
  • Best-in-Class interoperability and investment protection, including support of the 1.3 OpenFlow1 standard, and demonstrated operations with multiple switch vendors
  • Granular, end-to-end network visibility and control from a central point for dynamic, policy-based network management featuring advanced automation
  • Multi-tenant capabilities enable isolated, secure networking to meet stringent compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Integrated network and compute orchestration with OpenStack and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager for greater agility and streamlined operations

Virtualized Network Infrastructure for the Cloud
With NEC's Virtual Tenant Network technology, administrators can build multi-tenant networks in which virtual machine migration is unfettered, enabling rapid scaleout of new applications, balanced workloads, and higher levels of availability. ProgrammableFlow's centralized control of the network eliminates the need for distributed protocols such as Spanning Tree, reducing network complexity and unlocking the network capacity often made unavailable in existing networks.



NEC ProgrammableFlow


NEC ProgrammableFlow


Case: Nexco SDN Solutions

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