An ergonomic eftPOS mount increases safety, decreases wear & tear, provides flexibility, and enables better customer service.

With the increasing use of chip and pin, eftPOS terminals need to become easily accessible to your customers. This calls for an ergonomic support base that will secure the terminal while facilitating its use by both the customer and the employee. 

Mellon provides the ergonomic eftPOS mounts, FlexiPole and SafeBase, that enable you to physically secure your eftPOS terminal and reduce the possibility of theft and subsequent fraud, while facilitating card-based transactions.  

Moreover, the need to move the terminal around is significantly reduced, thus increasing the terminal’s life by eliminating the number one cause of terminal wear and tear.


  • Support virtually all eftPOS terminals
  • Robust and durable plastic
  • Tilt and swivel action
  • Side cheek option for enhanced security during PIN entry
  • Three Keylock Options (SafeBase)

Support Pole

  • Perfect fit to your counter top
  • Screw or adhesive base fixing

Cable Management

  • Cables go through the centre of the pole leaving the top of your counter cable-free.
  • Alternatively there is a multi-cable clip option available.


  • Your or your customer’s logo can be printed on FlexiPole and SafeBase.


Mellon has extensive knowhow of the entire transaction lifecycle in both issuing and acquiring

Mellon offers proven certified solutions for optimized and secure transactions across all industries and functional areas

Mellon has achieved many country firsts across the Central & South-Eastern Europe

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