Mellon cooperates with NemoQ to provide organizations that accept an increased number of visitors on a daily basis, with queuing systems that help improve the management of customer flow.

Queuing systems are unique in increasing the level of service quality offered to customers. Customers do not have to stand in a queue to be serviced as they have a clear indication of the waiting time but also the working environment of the tellers becomes more efficient. The advanced functionality of queuing systems allows the integration of all services of an organization (front and back office) whereas the optional software tools enable the collection, process and presentation of statistic information. 
Mellon has hundreds of successful installations in several different areas where the customer flow management can be improved: 
  • Banks
  • Post offices
  • Hospitals
  • Public utilities
  • Police stations
  • Employment services

Mellon helps its customers: 

  • Create a more efficient organization
  • Lower costs
  • Increase service levels

Mellon has extensive knowhow of the entire transaction lifecycle in both issuing and acquiring

Mellon offers proven certified solutions for optimized and secure transactions across all industries and functional areas

Mellon has achieved many country firsts across the Central & South-Eastern Europe

Mellon's software and technical experts ensure seamless deployment and integration with existing infrastructures and host systems