Mellon partners with Vidyo to offer everything an organization needs to deploy Video Conferencing; from Cloud Services to core infrastructure to solutions that video-enable any device or application.


The Vidyo Experience
Vidyo runs on the devices you’re using now from smart phones to tablets, desktops to video room systems, bringing HD-quality video and content to every participant.

The Vidyo Infrastructure
At the heart of every Vidyo deployment is an infrastructure that delivers video routing, management tools, interoperability options and solutions for recording and webcasting. By freeing video collaboration from bottlenecks and a dependency on high-cost hardware and network connections, the Vidyo infrastructure pairs unmatched performance with the flexibility to support multiple deployment models and virtually unlimited scalability.

The Vidyo Platform
The Vidyo software platform lets you embed point-to-point and multipoint video, audio, content sharing, and collaboration inside your own applications, workflows, and custom web portals. Choose from client and server APIs to add Vidyo to an existing application or web portal, or an SDK that lets you build a new communication solution using Vidyo’s core technology.


Vidyo Product Portfolio
A brief guide to the portfolio of Vidyo products, applications, and extensions.

6 Reasons to Choose Vidyo
Six major reasons that demonstrate why Vidyo is better.

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