Mellon Technologies supports the 15th Bank Management Conference titled "Openness-Innovation-Collaboration," organized by Boussias Communications's Banker's Review on Tuesday, November 14 at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens.
The rapid digitization of the banking services, the new regulatory directives and the new competition framework have prompted banking organizations to "open up" their infrastructures, to strengthen cooperation with all of the stakeholders of the banking industry, but primarily to focus on the advantages that they have shaped throughout their history.
Τhe main topics that will be covered this year are:
  • Platformization & the (non) bank of the future
  • ΑΙ, bots & Blockchain: Disrupting the banking services
  • Open banking & Legacy systems: Parallel lives (?)
  • What do customers expect from the established banks against their FinTech competitors?
If you also intend to attend the conference, we will be glad to meet you in order to discuss how Mellon Technologies' new solutions and services can benefit your business.