Aviation Solutions

Aviation Solutions

Airports are constantly challenged to offer a secure yet enhanced experience to their passengers, discouraging confusion or anxiety during the travelling experience, whilst remaining profitable and attractive. Our innovative solutions especially designed for the airports, help ensure that airports are one step ahead of the travelers’ needs and expectations.

Together with its strategic partner NEC, the Japanese technology giant, Mellon is bringing to its clients 14 years of delivering LCD to airports, more than 230 successful implementations in international airports and more than 70,000 display installations.


NEC's FIDS is a comprehensive system for the display of flight-related information benefiting travelers, airline staff, and others in airports. Its advanced, wide-ranging features include system architecture built on NEC's open mission-critical system (OMCS) and the flight information display system (FIDS) used at Japan’s Narita International Airport, New Chitose Airport, Sendai Airport, Nagoya Airport, and elsewhere.




  • Commercial grade LCD modules designed for 24/7 use

  • Panel sealed against dust
  • 3 Stage Heat Management System
  • Japanese high quality components
  • Low operating power with ambient llght sensing
  • Temperature sensors to protect against image retention
  • All metal chassis designed to last
  • Compliant to EU Fire Regulations, Emission Class B
NEC's mobile info kiosks that improve passenger experience and increase airport revenue streams.



  • 20 hour run-time/ 4 hours re-charge
  • Battery operated
  • Fully mobile
  • 2m whilst mobile
  • 3.1m whilst stationary
  • 55” LCD with wireless OPS
  • Remote management


Based on the latest touch technology, these displays deliver true multi-touch support with fast response times and a high level of accuracy. All NEC interactive displays are plug & play, without the need to install any external driver software. Thanks to an anti-reflective coating, reflections are reduced to a minimum which significantly increases the readability of the content shown.


  • Future proof and high performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Increased resolution for a perfect visibility
  • Lower maintenance costs and low TCO
  • Easy to install/deinstall
  • More flexible - mix both text based and video based content e.g. airport information and airport advertising
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Customised information through instant demographic analysis
  • Compliant to EU Fire Regulations as well as Emission Class B
While all the means of transportation melt to a holistic transportation system, digital signage is gaining importance. Digital surfaces are trending the scene and mediatecture is the new catchphrase among airport architects.
Digital spaces will no longer follow the building, but will be included in the planning at a very early stage already. In this way, the seamless integration of digital signage into the construction is guaranteed.
The big advantage of these walls is the instant changeability of contents when for instance the airline at a gate changes. Surfaces can be totally used for branding purpose and also serve as an information carrier.
With the trend for larger and brighter airport buildings aiming at delivering an improved experience and providing a more comfortable and modern environment, comes the challenge of getting clear and dynamic messaging over to an ever increasing number of tech-savvy passengers.


  • 5 years life 
  • High Resolution 
  • Good for shorter viewing distances 
  • 1.9mm bezel between modules High Brightness 700cd/m2
  • Hardware Colour Calibrated
  • In-Built Video Wall Processor


  • 10 years life
  • Triple Brightness Compared to LCD
  • No bezels between modules
  • High Power Consumption
  • High brightness
  • Durability and long lifecycles
  • High readability: LED displays can be produced with fine pixel pitches, giving the displays new levels of clarity and picture quality


NEC’s solution NeoFace WATCH is the most accurate and fastest face recognition platform available. NeoFace helps reduce the risk of security threats by integrating face matching technlology with video surveillance input while is checking individuals against known photographic lists and producing real time alerts.
With its proven ability to match low resolution facial images, including images with resolutions down to just 24 pixels between the eyes, NEC’s NeoFace technology outperforms all other face recognition systems in matching accuracy. It is unobtrusive and requires no operator interaction. The application can be easily customized and integrated into existing surveillance systems and operational processes.
01. NeoFace Express

NEC's highly accurate and scalable NeoFace facial recognition technologies enable NeoFace Express to eliminate long queues and improve customer experiences by quickly verifying identities and authenticating membership prior to admittance. 

02. Biometric Fully Automated Seamless Travel (Bio FAST)

NEC Bio-FAST is an identity management system allowing airline passenger systems, airport control procedures and immigration clearance to come together in a simplified regulatory process. Bio-FAST provides the ultimate solution at critical travel points; Integrated Biometric Clearance (IBC) for automated immigration check and Self Boarding Gate (SBG) for automated boarding. 

03. Border Control Solution

In combination with biometric ID cards and e-passports, NEC's border control solutions empower border security to monitor and protect their borders better. The solution enhances user experience by simplifying the process for passengers, as well as increases terminal throughput by up to 15% per annum. 

04. eGate Solutions

NEC's eGate automated bi-directional boarding gate utilizes NeoFace, NEC's facial recognition technology, and its fingerprint recognition technologies to monitor people entering and exiting a facility or areas within the facility. NeoFace can match face images regardless of the vantage point or changes in appearance, such as hats, glasses, facial hair or expression.

Cloud Platform for IaaS supports new applications and equipment consolidation to maximize efficiency, reduce TCO. NEC with its unique capabilities, provides complete IT infrastructure stack, including networks, servers and storage with open standard cloud manner.

An Open Source Software based, turn-key solution for Private Cloud. The enterprise model is a powerful and highly efficient private cloud infrastructure for those who want to have a system growth up to a substantial scale, and high availability to ensure business continuity. The Light model is a compact private cloud infrastructure for those who want to minimize the investment cost.


  • Quick deployment: Pre-designed and pre-validated configuration which can be deployed quickly results in reduced TCO.
  • Easy expansion: Scale-out can be made by adding Compute and Storage node without stopping active Virtual Machine.
  • Integrated operation: Dashboard provides integrated operation both for system resource management and for IaaS self service by user-friendly manner.
Mellon partners with NEC to support it's Virtual PC Center Thin Client Solution. NEC’s Virtual PC Center (VPCC) is a complete desktop virtualization solution that provides a secure computing platform for the enterprise with all the benefits of a centralized management model offered from a single vendor.

The solution is built on top of VMware’s or Microsoft virtualization platform but is the only virtual desktop software solution fully integrated with its hardware servers and thin client devices.


  • Higher PC Data Security
  • Better Business Continuity
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Green PC Solution
  • Integrated hardware & software management
  • Storage

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