Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Mellon Technologies, aiming at its operation in full compliance with the environmental legislation and sustainable  development, implements an environmental management system as part of an Environmental and Health &  Safety Management System, in accordance with the ISO 14001: 2015 Standard with the following scope: 

“Trade, Distribution, Design, Development, Services and Technical Support for IT (SW-HW), Communication and  Electronic Security Services, Provision of Business Process Outsourcing and Document Electronic Processing Services,  Provision of Consulting & Informational Services, Training & Market Research, Product & Service Promotion,  Customer Service (including among others: Provision of Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services, Provision of  Electronic Mail Services, Provision of Services related to Social Networks), Inbound & Outbound Services via  Alternative Communication Channels, Provision of Security Services.” 

The Top Management of Mellon Technologies commits to: 

∙ continuously improve the Environmental Management System overall and the environmental performance  of the company. 

∙ prevent pollution from its operation. 

∙ adopt environmental friendly practices 

∙ continuously improve the efficiency of the Environmental Management System 

∙ comply with the requirements related to the environment (legal and other) 

The key environmental aspects from the company’s operation are related to waste streams and consumption of  natural resources. 

At the same time, it identifies and evaluates all risks related to the operation of the company, in order to identify  in a timely manner all possible situations that may prevent it to achieve its goals and to take timely management  measures. 

The Management sets a series of goals which concern the whole range of the company services and have as  basic criterion the improvement of its environmental performance. In order to set objectives, the company applies  a specific methodology based on defining its operating framework through which its strengths and weaknesses  are identified as well as the threats and opportunities arising from external factors.

During the annual Review, the Management evaluates the degree of achievement of these objectives and sets  new ones for the next year. In addition, the company identifies the stakeholders affected by its business and their  needs and expectations. 

The Environmental Policy is reviewed annually during management review, in order to ensure its suitability.  The Environmental Policy is available to every interested party. 

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