Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The Company has established and applies a Quality Management System in line with the  ISO 9001:2015 Standard. The Company's Quality Policy includes the following points: 

∙ To always provide its customers, on the basis of the specifications set or agreed  with them, with quality products that cover their requirements and are offered at  the agreed time of delivery and at a competitive price. 

∙ To upgrade and expand the services it offers to its customers, taking into account  market conditions and the particular requirements of the customers.  ∙ To ensure that the skills and working conditions of its personnel are improved on  an on-going basis. 

∙ To monitor systematically how external conditions are evolving as to  developments in technology, customer expectations and new market trends. 

The company considers that quality is a necessary precondition for meeting its goals, and  has set Quality as a short-term target and Total Quality as a long-term target. The  company's quality targets, which also contribute decisively to enhancing its image in the  market, reducing costs and improving customer service, are the following: 

∙ Continuously reducing, and ultimately altogether eliminating, incidents of non compliance with the Quality System. 

∙ Continuously reducing, and ultimately altogether eliminating, complaints by  customers, personnel and associates. 

∙ Attainment of quality targets, as set in subsidiary quality programs. ∙ Review of processes for the on-going improvement of the System and its  effectiveness, and for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the customer  and the Standard. 

The Company Management commits itself to continuously improve the Quality  Management System, systematically following its consistency and full implementation as  well as the conclusions (positive-negative) that result from this. It also pledges to provide  all the resources necessary for this. 

In order to achieve its goals, the company management and the appropriately  trained staff commit themselves to operate based on a management system that  meets the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard. 

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