Customer Management Solutions

Customer Management Solutions

Customer Segmentation & Targeting


Mosaic is Experian’s most comprehensive cross-channel classification system to date. Built for today’s hyper-connected world, it helps you understand consumers in extraordinary detail. By providing rich, accurate data and a robust methodology, Mosaic gives you the means to start treating people as individuals and communicate with your audience more effectively than ever before. Mosaic provides real-world insight representing real customers


  • Segment your customers with one consistent classification system.
  • Accurately engage customers and prospects with consistent messages across all channels.
  • Reach the right target audience with the right message at the right time.
  • Personalize your customer communications to enhance their experience and drive retention.
  • Increase customer value and loyalty.
  • Plan cross-channel marketing.
  • Find optimum locations for new stores by understanding catchment profiles.
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CRM Rewards & Billing Platform
CRM.COM is a feature rich, highly configurable, packaged Billing and Rewards solution. Our software enables our clients to bill from a few thousand to millions of subscribers and at the same time reward customers, staff and channels for their loyalty and performance.


However complex, across any bill model (pre-pay, pre-bill, and post-bill) and payment model, enjoy revenue from period based, event based and real time billing. The Billing Application supports both standard as well as innovative subscription and recurring billing models and provides multiple ready-made billing templates.


The Rewards Application is designed to be easily set up by your business and marketing teams and allows you to score your customers’ loyalty and value and selectively and individually reward them with conditional cashback. It enables businesses to provide personalized individual offers and conditional cashback.

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