Mellon Group Full Year Report 2017

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September 1, 2018

The main items of Mellon Group's Statement of Comprehensive Income are as follows:

  • The Group's turnover for the current fiscal year amounted to € 113,742,243 compared to € 101,862,830 in the previous year, showing an increase of 11.7%.
  • Cost of sales amounted to € 90,718,969 compared to € 82,261,226 in the previous year, showing an increase of 10.3%. Included in the cost of sales of the current fiscal year are personnel fees and related expenses amounting to € 60,165,387 (2016: € 53,137,400) and cost of inventories sold amounted to € 24,164,711 (2016: € 21,989,879).
  • Earnings before tax amounted to € 3,200,863 compared to € 3,861,489 in the previous year, showing a decrease of 17.1%, while earnings after taxes amounted to € 1.784.165 compared to € 2.926.984 in the previous year.
  • Νet financial expenses of the year amounted to € 1,571,769 compared to € 1,513,860 in the previous year, showing an increase of 3.8%.
  • Overall, Gross Profit increased by € 3,421,670 (a percentage increase of 17.5%), while the gross margin (as a percentage of turnover) amounted to 20.2%, compared to 19.2% in the previous year.

You may download the full report here

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