The first blockchain (un)conference

Organized by the Hellenic Blockchain Hub in Athens.

March 7, 2019

Being at the frontfont of the technological advancements, Mellon Technologies actively participated in the first Blockchain (un)conference held at Innovathens on Wednesday the 6th of March, 2019.

George Panou presented his point of view regarding the blockchain and the benefits it brings to businesses: "Blockchain is evolving to be viable at scale. Companies must narrow their options on the blockchain projects taking into consideration their market dominance and the regulatory barriers to achieve security and revenue growth."

In addition, George presented the new ground-breaking Digital Identity from Gemalto, built in partnership with R3 and deployed on financial-grade distributed ledger Corda, is a decentralized digital ID platform based on Blockchain.

The solution allows service providers to simplify customer identity management and streamline the due diligence process while enabling end users to be in total control of their identity. 

Gemalto Trust ID Network entitles end users to full ownership of their identity and total control over who can have access to their personal information. And from banks' point of view, it helps streamlining onboarding process of new customers, having access to up to date, accurate, and reliable data about their customers and limiting risk of ID theft and fraud while providing a convenient and secure Identity Management service. 

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