Face Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection

November 3, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 situation we are now offering mask detection

Our partner Vemco uses XOVIS solution to leveraging AI in sensors in order to recognize if a person is wearing a face mask, compliant with COVID-19 requirements

Ever since the Corona pandemic started, we have had to change our ways of living. Therefore, we would like to help the society to safely get back to its normal ways of living. There has been developed a mask detection filter that helps identify people not wearing masks when entering a specific area. This function will help minimize the spread of covid-19.

About the face mask filter

This filter can be used by Xovis sensors and Hikvision camera.
In addition to the mask detection filter, the Hikvision camera also detects temperature to minimize the risk further.

How it works

Step by Step

1. The sensor counts all
the people and detects
whether they are wearing
masks or not.

2. The sensor sends instant
alerts to employees or
security staff if someone
is not wearing a face mask.

3. If needed, the employees
or the security staff can
react on the alert.

How it works with electronic doors

Step by Step

1. The sensor counts all
the people and detects
whether they are wearing
face masks or not.

2. When face masks are
detected, the doors will
automatically open.

3. The doors will remain
closed if a face mask
is not detected.

The Challenge

COVID-19 has changed our daily life and continues to do so. One such instance is the reopening of stores and public institutes like museums, libraries, etc., which are now linked with new regulations. A basic provision is to compel customers and/or visitors to wear face masks and the accompanying obligation to check for customer/visitor compliance. 
  • Static signage (e.g. a poster) and accountability of customers/visitors are a must
  • At the end of the day, nobody knows how effective these measures actually are 
  • In a worst-case scenario, additional staff is needed to guard doors

The Xovis all-in-one solution

Xovis 3D sensors now allow you to identify individuals who are wearing face masks. You can benefit from all existing functions and add value simply by installing the Face Mask Detection plugin.
Sensors count all people and recognize whether a person is wearing a face mask or not
AI firmware has been trained to visually distinguish individuals if they wear a face mask. When the plugin is activated, the sensor or AI firmware mimics the human eye and can thus detect a masked face
  • Data provide information for an instant alert function or further analytics processing, as needed
  • No additional expensive system is required
  • AI-powered Xovis sensors running an AI-based people counting algorithm provide an embedded solution. This means that everything is computed on the sensor

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