Social Distancing Solutions

Social Distancing Solutions

November 3, 2020
Unfortunately, the Covid-19 outbreak continues to impact the way we live, from social behavior to government restrictions. Whilst some retail units and public spaces remain closed, others are open, with some, such as su-  permarkets and pharmacies experiencing higher demand, whilst needing to maintain social distancing amongst  customers.
Mellon with its strategic partner Vemco is proud to introduce innovative new technology to offer operating retailers a solution to social  distancing. By working with scientists from The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, the team has created new al-  gorithms to measure and analyze social distancing using the latest technology from Xovis using their AI sensors.  This new software can be easily integrated with existing systems to help retailer ensure safety, demonstrating best  practice and earning trust with customers.
The new feature measuring social distance has already been tested in a leading Danish supermarket chain for  the past few weeks and is now ready to be deployed within the UAE market. It has been fine-tuned by the programmers to ensure readings are accurate, for example, ensuring partners or families are measured as groups to  avoiding false alerts. Keeping a safe social distance and enabling people to avoid gathering in larger groups can  help communities work together to limit the spread of Covid-19.
Another new feature is the occupancy display, which allows customers to see the current store occupancy and  available spaces through an in-store display screen, with the maximum occupancy calculated using the size of the  store. Informing customers how many free spaces are available instore can prevent overcrowding, enable social  distancing and encourage customers that their retail experience is safe.
Vemco already provides footfall analytics in  real time with large amounts of data being  sent in milliseconds to its Vemcount analytics  platform, which was key to developing the  new feature. The real time occupancy count  can be displayed through instore screens or  embedded into any webpage or app.Vemco Group is an in-store analytics company, focusing on supporting businesses and  organizations to extract and use in-store data  to gain deeper insights and a stronger under standing of their visitors and customers. This is  achieved through providing tailored solutions  using market leading technology, combined  with innovative and user-friendly software.

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